• Doors & Windows Norwegian windows, add-on to Double Hung

    Item Type: New Mesh

    Price: §90, §20
    Poly Count(s): See post

    Edit: I made a capital mistake in the windows that are “Open” – I forgot to change the GUIDs. If one day someone downloads it, use the file named “NorwegianOpenWindow-Correct” to replace the two open versions – Straight and Diagonal. Otherwise, the old file will override the Base Game “Double-Hung” Windows. Thanks.

    This is a set of windows, more or less of the type used normally in Norway. All of them have respective diagonals and are color slaved to the Base Game Double Hung Windows, so they will pick any color you have.
    There are 3 windows in the set: a closed one and an open one, both cost § 90, and another closed window with broken glass, which costs only § 20.
    The broken glass window is not a simple recolor but a mesh. No, the mesh is not mine, I just adapted from a mesh of another EA game that was an old stove with a broken glass door. I took the glass and placed it in my window. Well, everybody knows that I’m pretty good to give other uses to objects.

    The poly count for the windows are:
    closed: 224
    open: 419
    broken: 433

    I included recolors to the Double Hung Windows equivalent to the base game: arboreal and deckwood, once there’s none in the original colors.

    Base Game Only

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