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    Community Cheshire Park


    Come sit a while at this lovely little park. Play a game of chess, read a book or make a wish at the wishing well.

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    Residential Park View Apartments


    In the island town of Islasol, you will find the Park View Apartments. Your sims will have a choice of 3 one bedroom, one bath efficiency apartments and one two bedroom penthouse apartment.

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    Community Featured_postWaterfall Park


    For nature loving sims you have 5 little falls cascading into a lake at the bottom. With the right ep, your sims can fish.

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    Community Gothica Island School


    Quaint community lot. This converted school still retains it’s academic charm, but is now a place for your Sims to meet, play and relax with a nice coffee!

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    Community Verona Park


    Small, cheap community park where your Sims can relax and unwind from their busy days.

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