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Starter Homes Occupied Starter – Single Maid


Single Sim Lydia Woods is a young girl alone for the first time in this big, bad world. She’s shy and awkward but longs for that special someone she can share her life with. Can you help her? She has just moved in today and is just waiting for her first job.

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Starter Peasant Dwelling I


Here is the first of a series of medieval residential homes from my latest world, Dracul Isle.

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Starter Homes #7 Ocean Court


For unspoiled sims who don’t borrow from the motherlode to start off, here is a starter home with basic furnishings for $18,693.

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Starter Homes Our House


An exact replica of my house for under 20,000. Watch out for a fully furnished replica coming soon!

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Community Village Church


Quint church for your Sim Village. Perfect wedding venue

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