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Featured_postVampire Lair – Requested

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Condition: Fully Furnished
Bedrooms: 1
Price: §174,007
Lot Size: 3×5
Extra Info:
Contains custom content
Some content is included

This was a request by Kmango. A House for a vampire that wasnt too big. Its a on a large lot but the house itself isnt too big.

It had to have a Dungeon area for the undead to not rest in peace

And a cemetry to chuck the bodies who were sucked too dry

It has one bedroom and one bathroom, dining area and I have lefta room empty as I didnt know if vampires in the came use a kitchen or not as have never played with them!

The paintings by mutants_r_us are really cool, far away they look just like still paintings, but as you get closer they decay! Very Very Cool!

Content shown but not included
Organ By Sims Design Avenue https://www.simsdesignavenue.net

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Custom Content Included:

– Exquisite Mirror by Adele
– Victorian-Gothic Armchair by Adele
– Victorian-Gothic Dining Chair by Adele
– Victorian-Gothic Tied Drapes by Adele
– Victorian-Gothic Octagonal Endtable by Adele
– Victorian-Gothic Loveseat by Adele
– Victorian-Gothic Rectangular Endtable by Adele
– Framed Photographs by Adele
– Painting of April IV. by mutants_r_us
– Hot Tub – Sunken NEW by bootsbrisket
– Bootsbrisket’s Gravestone #5 by bootsbrisket
– Above Ground Grave by gromit
– Above Ground Grave by gromit
– Grave Cross by gromit
– Grave Cross by gromit
– Statley Lion by gromit
– Statley Lion by gromit
– Tomb by gromit
– Black Leaves Tree by Fresh-Prince
– Cemetary Sign by Fresh-Prince
– Disappearing Eyes Monster “In Ground” by Fresh-Prince
– Wicca Dragon Athame by Tyler
– Painting of Master Grump by mutants_r_us
– JB Grave Cross by jon119
– JB Gravestone with carved Flowers by jon119
– JB Gravestone wit carved Peace Dove by jon119
– Grim Statue by Clockwork JB
– Fired Rock by k8
– Scrub by k8
– Weeds & Gravel by k8
– Painting of Sir Johnson. by mutants_r_us
– Grass Recol by Lethe_s
– Clump of grass by Lethe_s
– Low fog by Lethe_s
– Simple Spiral Stairs – Right turn by Marvine at MTS2
– Balaustrada de Madeira Clara Fazenda Maneira by Marvine
– Painting of Medusa by mutants_r_us
– Angel Headstone by mickyss
– 18th Century Portrait by Numenor
– Leaking Floor by Jasiuuu
– Leaking Wall by Jasiuuu
– Arched Porch Entry by BradySeitz
– Arched Porch Entry Grey by BradySeitz
– Roman Wall “Pillar 1” by Mortimer 2
– Roman Wall “Pillar 2” by Mortimer 2
– Hanging Rubber Bat by simfantastic2
– Painting of the Ghost Ship by mutants_r_us
– Corner Cobwebs by Targa
– Floor Cobwebs by Targa
– Graveyard Statue by TheJim07
– Remains by TheJim07
– Remains by TheJim07
– Victorian wallset by Snowhawke9
– Victorian wallset by SnowHawke9
– Victorian wallset by SnowHawke9
– Victorian wallset by SnowHawke9
– Victorian wallset by SnowHawke9
– Victorian wallset by SnowHawke9
– Victorian wallset by SnowHawke9
– Victorian wallset by SnowHawke9
– Victorian wallset by SnowHawke9
– Scythe and Angelus by Schoende

Required Expansion Packs:
University Nightlife

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So imaginative! I love the decor and dark sort of macabre look of that sepia screenshot! What a joy to see all your new uploads!


Tiff, shame on me, I’ve just noticed this! What a fabulous house, it must have taken you forever to create this!

Simply Simful

OMG! I have vampires in Silent Hill! I absolutely love this!!! Fantastic Tiff!!!! Just so awesome and real!


Very cool and creepy looking.