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Portesca – NoCC! Residential

This two story block style home is suspended by a frame above a giant pool of water. The architecture is sure to capture your eyes, and the layout should make playing the game quite enjoyable.


Featured_postMarsdon – NoCC! Residential

Meet the Marsdon. A large modern mansion for your spoilt sims valued at over ยง375,000! Gorgeous gardens surround the entire house for that complete upper class style.


Southpine – No CC! Residential

A spacious and modern 3 bed home for upper class family (loaded of course). Plenty of space for a reasonable sized family and everything you need on the ground floor.


Montella – NoCC! Residential

Compact yet fully functional 2 story, 2 bedroom home. This house was created for a challenge set by LadyAngel.


Country Charm – No CC! Residential

A beautiful country home that is an easily playable lot for a mature family to settle in. All the necessary rooms are on the ground floor and additional leisure activities and a spare bedroom are located in the split level attic


Ferndale Estate – No CC! Residential

A beautiful 4 bedroom home which is sure to be great for entertaining. A convenient layout will suit all your family needs. The open plan living, kitchen and dining areas flow out onto the side courtyard.


Modern Conversion – NoCC! Residential

This once was a traditional house which has recently been remodelled as a modern home in need of a new young family. The entire house was stripped and fitted with some modern furnishings and fixtures for a new appearance.


Ultimate Bachelor Pad – No CC! Residential

Spend some (a lot) of simoleons on this bachelor pad and you will be set for life. With everything a bachelor could want or need plus an additional 2 bedrooms in basement, this home will allow for guests and possible future family

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