• Creating Milkshape for (re)Colorists


    This is a full pictures tutorial to teach how to use Milkshape to improve your recolors. NO, it is not going to teach anything about meshing and you don’t need to be a Mesh-maker at all. It is simply going to teach you different techniques that you can take advantage of when recoloring complicated meshes. It is classified New Beginner To Master, so anyone can use. The only requirement is TO HAVE MILKSHAPE, if you don’t, buy it, it is worth what they ask.

    All the material needed to practice IS included.

    As I said, this is a picture tutorial and you can do what you want if you like it. You can make it PDF, post in your own site, etc. The only requirement is : State that this is a XPTL297 Tutorial and it was post at SFU in its original form.
    The way you are going to make links, is your problem. Have fun!

    Base Game Only

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    1. LadyAngel says:

      Excellent tutorial, thank you. I struggle with Milkshape as it always seems to complicated to use, though I have tried lots of times. Not sure why I can’t grasp it. 🙁

    2. xptl297 says:

      Both Milkshape and Blender have miserable tutorials. Seems they don’t want you to learn at all. Worst when you have to be Online to use Help, it makes you wish to go to bed earlier. I use pure logic to use a program and soon or later I guess what they are meant to be. Milkshape is a simple and straightforward program and I’m writing down my own Tutorials, hope it helps someone. I have to learn Blender because I’m preparing my computer system to use Linux in the future and of course my choice of programs will limit down.

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