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    Residential Spanish Villa – No CC


    3-bedroom, Spanish-style villa with pool and outdoor dining area. Inside has an open-plan living area.

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    Residential The Villa


    A 2-bedroom, Mediterranean style villa with open-plan living area.

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    Residential Featured_postParadise Isle


    The house itself is all natural wood from the local rain forest, and natural stone tile made from local river stones. Other tropical features include a sort of “floating veranda” on the second floor and lots of floor to ceiling windows to let in the views and natural light. Base game garage is hopefully convertible to real.

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    Residential Siesta


    Mediterranean style house with a sea view – perfect for your party animal bachelor sim or a beach loving family.

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    Residential Julies Enchanting Abode


    This was requested by Julie in the forum, Tried my hardest to get it like the picture, but I dont think I succeded, although she’s adament she’s happy, so Im happy!

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    Residential Tuscan Villa


    A beautiful large Tuscan villa for you to enjoy, set in landscaped gardens overlooking the sea (well it is in my game).

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    Residential Far Country Villa


    Far Country Villa is recommended by Gwen Glover and Holden Wozny who housesat for the owner and had a wonderful time.