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Mods Turn On/Off Elixir


This is a Big Bottle and is cloned from the Life Elixir, the one that gives a sim 3 extra life days. Now it gives the sim a new choice for Turns On/Off.

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Mods Fullfill bladder


I reduced a little the problem by making toilet use as priority.

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Mods Snow Angel


Sims will not be allowed to build snow angels on floor tiles.

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Mods Dish Washer Use


It increases cleaning skills when sims wash dishes, but not in the dish washer.

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Mods Uni – Goto Class – Revised


I reduced the ticks used at the portal to pass through, so that many sims can use less time to cross it.

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Mods Baby Age Helper


Now the baby can be on the ground, in the crib or wherever, as soon as they get no days left (6 PM)

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Mods Career – Cowplant – My mod


I’ve modded the Career – Cow Plant (Dioneae Simcipula) and the first results were posted at MTS2.

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Mods Read – Not in dining chair


One of the problems I constantly had, was that sims got books from the bookcase and looked right for a dining chair to sit and read.

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