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Mods World of Witch Crap


It is the Shaman Station, originally converted from Castaway to TS2, by Pescado. I decided to increase its craziness for my taste and you will get a whole bunch unpredictable actions.

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Mods Marriage Priest


I replaced the marriage arch by a priest doll and it will not replace the original arch.

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Mods Theater Sofa (mod)


This is a normal 3 seats sofa, cloned from the medieval sofa that came with Uni

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Mods Move Out Special


I named the mod as “no20kHandouts – Special Move Out” because I combined with JM Pescados mod to allow sims to take their share of the household funds.

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Mods Toddler Smustle


You have only to turn the boombox On and there will be an interaction available for toddlers: Dance Smustle.

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