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Durango Residential

In the cool mountains of Colorado surrounded by pines you will find this modern cabin.


The Old Mill Residential

About 100 years ago, there was an old mill in Cornwall that was going to be demolished. A rich man wanted the building for his only son so he transported it brick-by-brick and rebuilt it in the English countryside.


1, Ivy Close Residential

This is a 3-bedroom, base game lot. The master bedroom has a dressing room that is currently being used as a nursery, and there’s a huge attic that could possibly house another bedroom or 2!


Kiss of Japan Residential

Peace and tranquility, fragrance and color, breeze and shade, all are attributes of this little Japanese cottage.


Home Ranch – Base Game Lot Residential

I’m not sure how I managed to squeeze 2 bedrooms into this tiny home, but 2 there are. Thank you to triciamanly for her lovely walls and floors…my lots wouldn’t be the same with out them.


Featured_postWaterfall Park Community

For nature loving sims you have 5 little falls cascading into a lake at the bottom. With the right ep, your sims can fish.


Tobacco Road Residential

The sim builders want you to know that in no way do they endorse tobacco, except as a color used in wood siding to combine well with LadyAngel’s neutral stone wall which goes with anything, but some colors better than others.


The Glen – Base Game Residential

The Glen is a large, rambling old home that has recently been restored to it’s former glory.


Hidden Falls Residential

Surrounded by lush vegetation somewhere in the world is this little 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath cottage.


Featured_postSomerset Residential

Clive Hendricks was appointed “simbassador” abroad and he wanted to find the perfect house in which to be diplomatic and influential.


Meadowbark Cabin Residential

I hope I didn’t lose all my work while previewing! I did! As I was saying, here is my final round 4 entry for wgroome’s foundation contest at MTS. I can cheerfully say that I am in second to the last place but I hope to change all that with this cabin (hee hee!)

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