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Occupied Starter – Single Maid Starter Homes

Single Sim Lydia Woods is a young girl alone for the first time in this big, bad world. She’s shy and awkward but longs for that special someone she can share her life with. Can you help her? She has just moved in today and is just waiting for her first job.


Atlanta Residential

4 bedroom manor house with 2.5 bathrooms. One of the bedrooms is being used as a nursery. Custom content is from myself, Triciamanly and Tofusnorlax.


Forgotten Secret Residential

The house was once beautiful, with lovely wall papers and shining wood floors, perhaps it can be again if your sim will dare to go in!


Edgeview Residential

This is a modern home with lots of floor to ceiling windows to allow sims to enjoy the view of vastness while dining, cooking, watching TV, laying on their sides in bed, and lounging by the pool.


1 Lakeview Terrace Residential

This house is built with just the basegame and hardly any custom content. It is 3 or four bedrooms and one or two living areas depends if you’d rather have more bedrooms or more living rooms.


Cosy Homey Residential

Tiny base game home with two bedrooms. No CC.