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    Community Featured_postCentral Perk


    Central Perk is rather straight forward, pretty much one room. Have included public toilets and also a wee kitchen area so your sims can go for a meal. Theres also a podium off to the side.

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    Residential Featured_postFantasy Lot – Cruise Ship


    The Cruise Ship is installed on the waters of a lake and on a swimming-pool to give a “sailing” impression. Well, you can fish and swim, at least.

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    Residential Featured_postOld Money


    Raynard and Ruell Oakmont are not nouveau riche. On the contrary, they come from old money, and one of the reasons they have maintained their fortune is because they are also very frugal.

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    Residential Featured_postMarsdon – NoCC!


    Meet the Marsdon. A large modern mansion for your spoilt sims valued at over §375,000! Gorgeous gardens surround the entire house for that complete upper class style.

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    Residential Featured_postFantasy Lot – UFO


    This is a residential Lot. It is fully furnitured and most of the items are from the EP Pets, so it is required.

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    Residential Tents


    This is another fantasy lot. There are two tents on a sand textured lot, one is square and the other is round. It is also a combination of sculpture objects with game walls.

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    Residential Featured_postTram House


    This is a fantasy lot. I contains 2 trams with a little bit furniture to be played as a residential lot. All objects in this post are my creations, both meshes and recolors