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    Von Trapp Hotel – No CC Hotels & Rentals

    This lot has been converted, with the kind permission of ekrubynaffit, from the amazing Von Trapp mansion. It contains no custom content.


    Cosykit Rooms

    Small kitchen with an off-room larder.


    Georgian Townie – Base Game, No CC Residential

    Large, 6-bedroom house set on three floors, with a simple garden. Made with just the base game and no custom content, it shouldn’t tax your graphics card too much. :)


    Riverdale Dorms Dorms

    Luxury dorms for your more well-off Sims, with outdoor pool and recreation area downstairs.


    Office Block Community

    This dilapidated office block could do with an extreme makeover. It would make some amazing flats, or even an hotel! Custom content is by myself and @triciamanly.

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